Why Longarm Quilting and how to choose a Longarm quilter?

Longarm quilting, machine quilting and hand quilting each has its own advantage and of course each type of quilting has its own distinctive look. Hand quilting for many is fun, adds heart and history in the making.  However; many love to do the creating and piecing the quilt and are not interested in taking on the challenge of quilting the final product.

If done properly, machine quilting can be more durable, longer lasting and with many more artistic options. Large quilts can be difficult to quilt on a home machine simply due to the size.  Many times these can best be completed using the services of a longarm quilter to quilt tops into a one of a kind “work of art” with the right equipment and experience.

Quilting by a longarm quilter allows you the option to free up some time, to concentrate on more quilt tops and to focus on the portion of the quilting craft the suits you the best or you are best equipped for. A longarm quilter does not wrestle that huge fabric bulk through a home sewing machine but works on an industrial machine to produce the highest quality completion of your quilt which should last generations.

The best longarm operator is a professional quilter who does quilting for not only monetary compensation but for the love and art of quilting. Look for a quilter who can identify with the art, quilting and your specific project. The best longarm quilter ensures repeat customers and their customers' recommendations to friends and family by completing their customer's quilts as beautifully as they would do for their own quilts and in a timely manner.

Your quilt is a work of “art” and often times a work of “heart”. I understand growing up as a third generation quilter how important the beauty, quality of work and originality of work is for you. I also know it a big choice, which should not be taken lightly or by price and time alone, when selecting a longarm quilter. Below is just a few things to consider when selecting the best:

-Care for your product, time and materials

-Years of Experience



-Continued training with equipment and modern upgrades

-Work Facility - size, cleanliness

-Is the longarm quilter a full time quilter or part time?

-Project completion time?

-Price is important but quality and reputation should be the winning factor for your prized quilt!


~Candy Zabel-Mellon


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