T-Shirt & Memory Quilts

             Do you have old t-shirts from past vacations taking up space in your closet, a tote full of your child's youth shirts that no longer fit or treasured clothing from a loved one who has passed on? An excellent way to keep and repurpose these unique keepsakes is to make them in to a personalized quilt.  Backyard Longarm & Quilting will take these shirts and turn them in to just that; all that you have to do is pick out what shirts you want in your quilt!

            By choosing the Backyard Longarm t-shirt quilt package, we will cut out your t-shirt squares, build your quilt top to your specified layout, machine quilt and finish your quilt in a timely fashion.  The quilt package includes:

- stabilizer for the t-shirt quilt square

- batting

- either sashing or outer border fabric

- backing fabric

- quilt binding

- an all over edge to edge machine quilting design

            T-shirt and memory quilts come in many sizes and require varying amounts of t-shirts based on what size of quilt is desired.  As a general aid, the following table will help you choose what size of quilt you want, how many shirts are required for that size and an estimate of the cost.


For large sized graphics (about 11-14 inches)

Quilt Size

Approx. Dimensions

Amount of Shirts

Price Estimate


50" X 50"




50" X 82"




66" X 82"




82" X  98"



For small or medium sized graphics (about 8-10 inches)

Quilt Size

Approx. Dimensions

Amount of Shirts

Price Estimate


38" X 50"




50" X 86"




74" X 86"




86" X  98"



            Each quilt is unique in its entirety, but we have two main formats for our t-shirt quilts.  The most common format has a sashing between each t-shirt square and around the whole quilt.  The other format does not have any sashing between t-shirt squares, but instead has a larger outer border that frames in all of the t-shirts. Following are some examples:




What's next?

Now that you have decided to turn your t-shirts in to a treasured quilt, there are only a couple steps left for you to complete:

1.  Pick out your desired finished quilt size and find approximately that many shirts (see chart above for a guideline).   Are you a little short on shirts?  We can fill in some squares with fabric alone.

2.  DO NOT CUT THE SHIRTS!  That is something we will do when stabilizing and preparing the shirts.

3.  If you have a preferred layout of your shirts, draw us a diagram.  If you are unsure, we will gladly help you design your quilt's layout when you drop off your t-shirts. 

4.  Give us a call and make an appointment to drop off your t-shirts.  At this time we will discuss color choices for sashing and backing fabrics, machine quilting design patterns and any other questions you may have.

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